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Does Gut Health Affect Our Overall Well-Being? - MD Logic Health

Does Gut Health Affect Our Overall Well-Being?

Gut health is becoming more and more important as we learn more about how it affects overall health. Learn more about gut health and how it affects your well being. 
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5 simple secrets to reduce bloat after Thanksgiving

Family, friends, great food, and drinks! It’s finally the time we get to spend time with those we hold close, who we probably haven’t seen in a while, and feast together! But here comes the bloat! Here are a few simple tricks to avoid the dreaded Thanksgiving bloat.
Smoothies for Healthy Digestion - MD Logic Health

Smoothies for Healthy Digestion

Digestive health is important for more than just comfort and enjoyment of food. The importance of gut health has been linked to brain health and overall well being. Being able to absorb the right amount of nutrients each day is vital for long term health. A morning smoothie is an excellent way to start the day off with.