MD Logic Health

Supplementing Your Unique Health Journey

Our Story

MD Logic Health began as a small spark of an idea, born from the passion and dedication of Dr. Steinfeld. He saw the struggles his patients faced with getting their daily nutrients from meals. So, he made it his mission to find the right nutritional support to help his patients achieve optimal nutrients daily.

With unwavering determination, Dr. Steinfeld embarked on a journey to unlock the secrets of optimal nutrition. He scoured high and low for the finest, purest, and most potent natural ingredients, consulted with leading experts in the field, and tirelessly experimented until he found the right formulas.

The result of his research was a line of products that truly represented the perfect harmony of nature and science. With every vitamin, mineral, and herb carefully chosen and blended to work in perfect synergy, his patients finally had the comprehensive support they needed to live their best life.

Word of mouth spread quickly, and people from all walks of life soon sought out Dr. Steinfeld's creations. Recognizing the need to share his discoveries with a wider audience, he founded MD Logic Health in 2005 with the mission to empower people everywhere to take control of their health and wellness.

MD Logic Health has become a trusted name in the industry through continuous innovation and a commitment to the highest quality. From the first bottle of vitamins created as a small batch to a comprehensive line of products, we are dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and vitality.

Our journey continues as we continue to create new and innovative products to empower individuals to live their personal optimized life, one that is fulfilling, vibrant, and full of energy.

"MD Logic Health is more than just a brand, it's a movement, a way of life that is dedicated to the betterment of health and wellness for all." - Dr. Steinfeld

"Dr.'s Choice Probiotic is pH balanced to get into the small intestine, individually packed to maintain its potency, and works great. My patients do feel the difference!"

- Dr. Roxanne Carfora

"I have been using Immuno Logic for over a month and I did get amazing result! I have more energy then before great product over all I will definitely purchase again and again!"

- Savitri P

"Wow! AvalonX is more effective than any other brand of serrapeptase on the market. There was no GI discomfort like other forms I have tried and I had immediate results unlike the competitors. "

- Melina

About Us

Founded in 2005, MD Logic Health provides GMP USA-produced, accessible supplements that support your well-being and fill missing nutrients in your diet regimen. We’re dedicated to helping find the right path for you, granting you the opportunity to meet your health goals and, ultimately, live your optimal life.

We understand no two people's circumstances are identical. So, we created a professional grade line of supplements that can be customized to address the diverse needs of individuals.   We have a wide range of solutions with a focus on hormone support, microbiome, digestion, immune support, stress management and sleep support.  We work hard to ensure no box is left unchecked. By providing value to everyone, we fulfill our purpose of educating our customers and supporting their unique health journeys.

Simply put, we value your trust in us and promise to honor that every day! Supporting your well-being and Supplementing life is our Greatest Privilege or Honor!

A Team You Trust

The MD Logic team is comprised of experts in their respective fields who aim to provide high-quality supplements that yield long-lasting benefits. Our team includes a 20-year veteran biotech and pharmaceutical executive, a self-made biohacker, and a former bodybuilder. We’re also represented by a physician with Board Certified Functional medicine physician specializing in anti-aging. A licensed pharmacist, with over twenty-five years of experience.  Our depth and broad experiences are all focused on our core values. To provide you with resilient health, sustainable GMP USA professional-grade nutraceuticals, and diagnostics to help you optimize your health and wellbeing. 

Wesley Ramjeet, CPA


Wesley is a serial entrepreneur/investor in Media, Technology, Medtech, and Professional Services. Founder of Olaregen Therapeutics, PPMT Strategic Group, The Agency Online, Stock News Now Microcap Review Magazine. A board member for Stock News Now and Olaregen. He is also a founding trustee for the Universal Hip Hop Museum and Lions Unleashed, a not-for-profit for young minorities and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Shanti Ramjeet, RPh

VP Operations

Shanti is a NJ Board Certified Pharmacist with over 30 years of experience in retail and management. She was previously the owner of Golden Age Medical, an e-commerce Company in the medical supply sector. Shanti graduated from St John's University and started her career with a national retail pharmacy chain.

Scott Emmens


Scott has an accomplished history of success with over a 20-year career having served in numerous leadership roles across a variety of therapeutic areas, including neurology, rare disease, asthma, and diabetes. Scott has held various strategic and operational roles with full P&L responsibility in both established and newly formed companies. He has broad expertise in building, leading, and motivating teams through fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Candace Nepal


Candace is our resident accountant. She is a co-founder of The Agency Online and Health Noise

Oscar Ramjeet

Manufacturing Partner

Founder and CEO of Nature's Value, one of the largest independent supplement manufacturer in the USA for over 30 years.

Jyoti Hardat

VP Marketing

Jyoti is a serial entrepreneur in Fashion, Fitness, Media, Tech and entertainment. She is a co-founder The Agency Online, Tajuni Media, and Health Noise. She is Google Certified in all things Digital Marketing.

Gordon Drane, J.D

Senior Account Director

Gordie brings expertise in both business and health and wellness experience. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Penn State University’s Dickinson School of Law and possesses relevant legal perspective and insight into both the business and healthcare landscapes. His tenure at Merck and Company provides invaluable knowledge into the rigors of the scientific, regulatory procedures of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Additionally, his work in the field of rare and often misunderstood diseases has further honed his ability to empathize and connect with caregivers and patients on a profound level.

Anthony Dolisi


Anthony has built a 25+ year career in progressive leadership roles. He is a results-driven executive with a track record of success driving rapid revenue growth in start-up and/or turn around business environments. Extensive experience in pharmaceutical, biotech, and molecular diagnostics markets and medical devices, with first-in-class product launches in Cardiology, CNS, Oncology, Virology, Wound Care and Infectious Disease by leveraging best practices in clinical, sales, and commercial operations