Wellness Rewards FAQs

Who can sign up for a Wellness Rewards account?

The Wellness Rewards program is available to individuals 18 years or older with a shipping address in the United States and Canada

Will I receive rewards points for purchases I made before creating my rewards account?

You will only receive Wellness Points for purchases made after creating your Wellness Rewards account. Make sure to create an account before placing an order so you can receive points!

Do my Wellness Points expire?

Your Wellness Points will expire after one year of inactivity. Inactivity refers to customers who have not interacted with mdlogichealth.com such as by redeeming points or placing an order.

If you’ve redeemed your points for a coupon it will expire six months from the date of point redemption.

Can I use more than one reward on a purchase?

No. You may only use one Wellness reward on your order.

Can I use my Wellness Reward and a discount code?

A Wellness Reward cannot be combined with any other discount codes.

Will I receive Wellness Points for my purchase of AvalonX, Cynthia Thurlow, Neurotastic, Tone or Wellness Minerals products?

Yes, you will receive Wellness Points for cobrand products purchased.


Redeemed Wellness Rewards, that is $15 (500 Points) and $30 (1000 points) can only be used in one-time products. Rewards cannot be used on subscription products.