Dr. Roxanne Carfora, D.O., P.C. is Board Certified in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine and has been practicing Family Medicine for over 25 years. She graduated from NYCOM (New York College of Osteopathic Medicine) completing a 4 year residency and became Board Certified in Family Medicine. Osteopathic Medicines’ philosophy is to “treat the WHOLE body as ONE”. Upon graduating in 1989, Dr. Carfora worked as an emergency room physician for over 3 years. Seeing the end results of poor health, she realized her goal was to PREVENT disease and began her journey towards developing her medical practice on Long Island with an emphasis on optimizing patient’s wellness.

Dr. Carfora was one of the first physicians to complete a 3 1/2 year fellowship in Anti-aging /Functional Medicine. She is the founder of Ageless 360 Medical Group which teaches doctors to prevent disease by correcting the underlying vitamin, hormonal and nutritional depletions. Using the most advanced scientific technology and blood chemistry panels, Ageless 360 Medical group is able to analyze the “cells” depletions and develop a wellness program based on the patient’s individual genetics. The concept of “ONE size DOES NOT fit all” is the basis of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Carfora is an international lecturer for PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) on Female Hormonal disorders, as well as, published many articles for cardiovascular disease prevention, women’s health issues, and healthy living topics. Her articles appeared in Newsday Wellness, Image magazine and Long Island Pulse. She has appeared on talk shows and the local news stations as an expert in Anti-aging and Wellness. She is presently authoring and co-authoring many books on Anti-aging Medicine, hormonal imbalance, and nutritional medicine including, most recently Ageless You Adventures.

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