Classical tunes aren’t just a tool parents use to soothe babies. In fact, people of all ages can benefit from adding classical music to their daily playlist. This elegant and melodic genre of music is well-known for its brain enhancing and calm inducing advantages. Especially during times when we’re more vulnerable to stress, like school and work. 

Imagine going to the gym without music. Most of us can’t! That’s because music puts us in our zone. It creates a barrier between our mind and the outside world, so we can put our heads down and get stuff done. Classical music in particular, has been long studied and praised for its relaxing qualities and ability to put us in the zone when we really need it. 

This article will explore the powerful, calming and mood elevating effects of classical music.


Improve Your Mood and Stay Motivated

If you need help getting back into the groove of writing essays and consuming copious amounts of information during study hour, then be sure to bring your headphones along. Classical music is a powerful study tool. Similar to other reward systems – like food, money, and social media – listening to classical music has been shown to release dopamine. 

Why is dopamine release good for studying? Dopamine, also known as the feel-good chemical, prevents the release of stress hormones and produces feelings of motivation. It plays an essential role in elevating mood, making studying a lot less complicated. Dopamine has even been studied for its role in learning and motivation.

If you struggle to stay motivated and daily stress affects your mood, classical music could be a useful tool. For those who may need an extra boost, our Good Mood supplement is formulated to balance hormone levels and support neurological health. With Good Mood, you’ll feel better prepared to take on the day.


Relieve Stress and Relax

There are many good reasons why classical has withstood the test of time. Melting the stress away is one of them. Classical music is medicine for the brain and body. It can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and relieve anxiety.

The demands and stress of school and work can have the opposite effect on our performance by draining our ability to focus and concentrate. Consider combining Adrenal Balance with classical music as the ultimate stress relief cocktail. The relaxing effect of classical music makes it easier to receive new information and Adrenal Balance works to balance stress levels, which is what every study hour needs.


Increase Productivity and Focus

Most of us begrudge the idea of studying or working for long hours. It’s true, it doesn’t sound like much fun. The good news is you don’t have to fight your way through the monotony. You can even learn to enjoy the experience. Classical music can help you enter a flow state – a psychology term coined for being “in the zone” and fully immersed in whatever you’re doing. 

Entering a flow state can completely maximize productivity and make it easier to complete tasks. Studies show that classical music helps to induce flow, which then helps the brain analyze and absorb new information with ease.

The benefits of classical music are undeniable. If you haven’t already, enhance your day by adding some Beethoven and Mozart to your daily listening routine. 


September 08, 2022 — MD Logic Health