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At MD Logic Health®, our promise is to supplement your daily nutrition to help you live your best life. Supplementing Life™ since 2005.

"Wow! AvalonX is more effective than any other brand of serrapeptase on the market. There was no GI discomfort like other forms I have tried and I had immediate results unlike the competitors."
— Melina
I have been using Immuno Logic for over a month and I did get amazing result! I have more energy then before great product over all I will definitely purchase again and again!
— Savitri P.
Immuno Logic - MD Logic Health
I feel so much better when taking this every night. I have better sleep, feel more relaxed and I’m more ‘regular’.
— Debra K.
Been using this for a bit and I’m loving it. I feel good and energized. I usually mix it in cold green tea and sip it throughout the day.
— Rayma B.

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