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Feel great!

I have been on antibiotics for several weeks now and because of this probiotic, I am still feeling great no issues with my gut!

Andy S. (Lawrenceville, GA)


Inositol Subscription (2 pouches)
Loretta P. (Woburn, MA)
Sleep is wonderful!

Inositol is part of my sleep stack, along with glycine, 5-HTP, magnesium, and progesterone. For me, I found I need to take 2 scoops of inositol. Now my Deep sleep is over 2 hours and REM always about an hour and a half.
Thank you!

Daily Aminos+
Alyssa S. (New York, NY)

Love these! Can’t do a workout without them

I’m so grateful for this serrapeptase!

I’m so grateful I discovered serrapeptase. I have had two major surgeries for abdominal adhesions. My doctors had no recommendations on how to avoid a recurrence but I read a comment in an article that suggested serrapeptase could help. I have been taking two capsules per day with no side affects for five years. March 2025 will be my ten year anniversary with no episodes of adhesions!

Methyl-B12 5000
Vivian C. (Manorville, NY)
Best B12 Vitamin on the Market

As MTHFR blood gene “vitamin repressor” it’s difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. This sublingual vitamin does its job, feels like immediately!!! Awesome product. Thanks Dr. Roxanne for recommending this product.

Great results !

I use this in conjunction with a few other recommended supplements from this company. I don’t have to worry if the ingredients are clean, accurate or effective- they are! With the care of my wonderful Doctor, Roxanne Carfora I have never felt better.

Stephanie S. (Chicago, IL)
I have noticed a difference

I’m a 46 year old perimenopausal woman and I have never been a runner. I like to ride my bike and walk everyday but I’ve been trying to jog and run a little to get my heart rate up. Since taking creatine, I can run/jog further than ever before. I’ve also noticed that I’m finally building muscle in my arms. And, I’m not sure if it’s the creatine or if I’m just exhausted but my sleep has been amazing this past month since starting creatine!! I add 1 scoop in my morning mushroom coffee and a scoop in water with Inositol every evening. (Been taking same brand inositol for over a year) Five stars!!!

Pretty good

Doesn’t cause any GI issues at all. Not sure how much it helps with my sleep/relaxation. I have a friend that tried it and she said it absolutely knocked her out, and she’s usually struggling to fall asleep most of the time.

John E. (Sacramento, CA)
Noticeable change....

I am losing weight because of my type 2 diabetes, and I don't really work out much because my feet are bad but I have noticed more muscle strength and I feel more definition in my midsection.....

Game changer in sleep

Melanie Avalon’s Magnesium Nightcap is a true game-changer when it comes to going to sleep, staying asleep and improved sleep quality. My Ōura ring tracked the improvement of my sleep when I started taking it. I take one every night and have the best sleep of my adult life! I highly recommend it!

Tone Protein
Masey H.
All the Right Stuff!

Tone Protein (Vanilla) has seemlessly integrated into our healthy lifestyle. We often struggle with "fake" tastes after having a whole foods focus for the last few years. It works in my afternoon "Proffee", protein puddings and even to make a healthy frozen treat in our Creami machine.

Kim G.

Helps with energy and mental clarity.

Daily Aminos+
Marykay B. (Olympia, WA)
The best!

I am really enjoying these aminos. I notice increased and sustained energy whenever I take them.

Creatine + Electrolytes
Jo H. (Brooklyn, NY)
Love this!

It’s been a true game changer for my workouts! Cannot go without this anymore! I get through sets so much easier now.

Michaela H. (Summit, NJ)
Good Mood for the WIN!!!!

As someone who has battled anxiety and works very hard at feeling upbeat and positive — good mood is ideal for me and thrilled to say, it works. I’m loving how I feel — excited to have found this.

Daily Aminos+
Sandra V.
Great for Recovery

I've been consistently taking Daily Aminos+ and have noticed a difference in my post-workout recovery, feeling less sore. I also noticed I have less cravings/desire to snack. I'm looking forward to receiving my next order.

Daily Aminos+
Jackie (Roanoke, VA)

I have tried a lot of things specifically to help with DOMS, but this is the first thing that actually helps! I’ve also been able to go up on my weights significantly every week since I’ve been taking this. The flavor took some getting used to, and I do put it in more water than the label suggests, but I enjoy the flavor now.

Daily Aminos+
Shereen A. (Wilsonville, OR)
Love them! Total game changer!

At first I could really taste the aftertaste of the EAA, which is normal. I have to say that now I rarely taste it. Kinda interesting!As far as performance they absolutely help you feel stronger and recover better with the hydration factor from electrolytes! I love the ingredients too! 👏🏼 bravo! Job well done Liz!

David E. (Daly City, CA)
Do not recommend

I tried making a return but no one replied to my email.

I tried it and it irritated my stomach and made me bloated and constipated.

I’d appreciate a refund

Hi David! Thank you for leaving a review and sharing your experience with our Creatine product. We're sorry to hear that it caused discomfort for you. We want to make things right and address your concerns, so we replied to your email when you first wrote to us, offering you a refund. However, we did not hear back from you. Please get in touch with our Customer Support team as soon as possible so we can assist you further. We value your satisfaction and hope to resolve this issue for you.

Daily Aminos+
Christopher S. (Furlong, PA)
Power for Workouts

My workouts are so much better with Daily Aminos! So are my strength and muscle gains.
The best EAAs amino drink I have used.

Magnesium 8 Subscription (3 bottles)
Teresa H. (Fremont, MI)

This magnesium works and I love that it’s in a glass bottle.

John E. (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Does help with sleep...

I use this product in combination with and over the counter melatonin and I am finding that it is helpful with my sleep apnea. I am now occasionally sleeping through the night instead of getting just 4 hours which I was starting to get accustomed to.

Mary B. (Davenport, FL)

This product has been a game changer! I suffer with IBS and I have definitely noticed a difference. I high recommend this product, you will not be disappointed!

Creatine Subscription (2 pouches)
Alecia T. (Houston, TX)
No longer dissolves easily - questioning the quality

Not sure if the formula changed but what used to be a super fine powder that dissolved and blended easily in liquid is now more like sugar granules and doesn’t completely dissolve. It settles in the bottom of the glass if you don’t immediately chug the whole thing. Contemplating canceling my membership because my son loathes the new consistency and hates fussing with it. Wondering if the quality changed because it’s odd to have “none” as other ingredients listed but be drastically different textures.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about our Creatine product. We understand your frustration and would like to provide some clarification regarding the changes you've noticed.

The shift in texture from a super fine powder to a coarser granule was in response to a broad customer preference for a larger grain texture. However, based on recent feedback, including yours, we have reverted to the finer texture that many of our long-time users, including yourself, preferred. This transition back to a finer texture is part of our ongoing commitment to cater to our diverse customer base.

It's important to note that the change in texture does not reflect a change in the quality or purity of our product. Our Creatine remains made with the same high-quality ingredient and formulation process. The texture variations are solely adjustments to meet different user preferences and do not impact the effectiveness of the product.

Additionally, as our Creatine is a single ingredient product, 'None' is listed in the Other Ingredients to reflect this.

Please contact our customer support if you need any assistance or further information. We are here to help!