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David A. (Menifee, US)
Great clean product

You can tell this creatine is a clean product. We’ve enjoyed its benefits and look forward to getting a new shipment every time we run out.

Adrenal Balance
Ashley M. (Great Bend, US)

Helped my face clear up and get my hormones leveled out. Makes me sleep so much better too!

Berberine 500 Subscription (2 bottles)
Sarah S. (Philadelphia, US)
Easy to take

My glucose has dropped 15pojnts by taking this daily. No stomach issues as all. Will continue with my subscription!

Alice J. (Surprise, US)
Smart brain

I have a better functioning memory when I take Smart Brain. I do not search for lost words.

Karen K. (New York, US)
Sleep soundly

I’ve never reached 90 minutes of deep sleep until I tried Inositol. I sleep so soundly I don’t hear a thing!

Love this Berberine!

Taking this morning and night with great results! Love this Berberine!

Creatine Subscription (2 pouches)
Alyssa P. (Los Angeles, US)
Great, but…

Love the product, but the bag it comes in needs work! Once opened I can never get the bag to reseal. I always end up pouring the contents into a glass jar as a result!

Melatonin Max

Great product

Serrapeptase 125 Subscription (3 bottles)
Jan K. (West Palm Beach, US)
Serrapeptase, excellent vitamin for my heart health

Serrapeptase, excellent vitamin for my heart health. I don't know much about Microcrystalline cellulose a filler. I try to avoid many fillers as I usually react to them and try to stay vegetarian. I have not reacted to this vitamin or its fillers. I also take their ALA, and am looking now into their Probiotic.

Magnesium 8 Subscription (3 bottles)
Elizabeth L. (Baytown, US)
No more leg/toe cramps!

Since I started taking these supplements before bed, I have not had any leg/toe cramps during the night and my (self-diagnosed) restless leg syndrome is improved!

Methyl-B12 5000
Deborah H. (Bay Shore, US)

Love and trust all MD Logics products..Love this one especially bc it dissolves under your tongue and tastes good

Women's Multi Plus
Deborah H. (Bay Shore, US)
Complete Multivitamin

Wanted to take a multivitamin so I wouldn't have to take many others.. I would recommend any of MD Logics products..high quality!!

Serrapeptase 125
LORI M. (Cincinnati, US)

Love it, have my husband and sister taking it now also! Noticeably different from other name brands.

Tone Protein
Liz E. (Fontana, US)
Great Product

I love the Leucine content and clean ingredients in the Tone Protein. I don’t love how sweet it tastes, though, it’s a little overpowering. I would prefer no sweetener. This is why I gave it 4 stars.

Melatonin Max

My favorite melatonin- it just really knocks me out- it’s time release! This is an important feature so you don’t wake up 4 hours into your sleep!

Magnesium 8
Beth I. (Chicago, US)

I’m hooked! When I tried this product early on my body didn’t respond well … but I emailed and asked if the product is distributed in such a way I could open the capsules and start small, adding over time. Melanie herself responded confirming that, YES, it’s definitely formulated for such a plan. I started with half a capsule in my yogurt, added slowly over time till I took one capsule nightly for the longest time. As my overall health journey improved - more healthy balanced eating - I now take two capsules before bedtime every night. I sleep better, my digestion is timely and settled. I’m hooked and will be a subscriber now that my body’s loving what it does for me.

I am a single-income household that struggles to make ends meet … but self care is so very important, peeps. Our health story is so worth it for ourselves and those that we love:) 🫶🏻

Tone Protein
Lorie R. (Lehighton, US)
Tone Protein

Love, love, love it

Magnesium 8
Kristin H. (Columbus, US)
The best on the market

I have tried every magnesium on the market and this is the best! I will never buy anything else!

Magnesium 8 Subscription (3 bottles)
Melissa S. (Palmyra, US)
Love this Mag

Contains 8 different forms of magnesium but not a lot of other junk. Very clean - in a glass bottle - so not plastic leeching into the Mag. My sleep has greatly improved since taking this Mag. I like it so much it is one of the few I subscribe to.

More Chill Magnesium Subscription
keri l. (Atlanta, US)

I've been following Coconuts & Kettlebells in IG & Listening to Well Fed Women Podcast for a few years & Absolutely LOVE that Noelle created this!! More Chill has been a God-sent remedy that we appreciate in our house! I've been sharing it with my family & friends since it was released and Everyone has had a positive result😀 Thanks!!

Magnesium 8
STEPHANI R. (Henderson, US)
Mag 8

This has been so great for so many things!! I now have healthier bowel habits, along with just generally feeling better! Now on a subscription of it!

Tone Protein
Customer (San Rafael, US)
The Best Protein Powder

I am blown away by the taste and nutrients of Tone Protein. I historically don’t care for protein powders, but I find myself craving this to kick off my day. Thank you for creating such an amazing product that not only tastes amazing, but fuels the body/muscles!

Inositol Subscription (2 pouches)
Claire T. (Wilsonville, US)
trying this for sleep issues

It seem to help.

More Chill Magnesium
Jessica S. (Blackstone, US)
Big Difference

I started taking these as a 39 year old woman entering perimenopause. I was looking for a more natural remedy for my worsening anxiety than prescriptions. I have noticed a big difference, in the anxiety and especially in my new restless leg syndrome! I only take 2 pills a day as well. My only "complaint' is I find them hard to swallow, and I usually have no issues with pills.

Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate
Amy T. (Lakewood, US)

I have been taking Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate each night before going to bed and have noticed the calming effect that it had on my neck and shoulder muscles where I tend to normally carry a lot of tension. It has continued keep those muscles tension free during the day as well. I feel less irritable in general. It has been very helpful.