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Women's Supplements

  • MD Logic Health

    Krill Plus

    MD Logic’s Krill 369 Plus 7™ provides a unique range of Essential Fatty acids, including Omega 3, 6 and 9 from various natural sources including clinical studied Superba 2™ Krill oil, Flaxseed, Borage, Safflower, and Sunflower...

  • MD Logic Health


    Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is found naturally in the body that is used in the production of energy and free radical protection in the body. It is specifically concentrated within the cell’s mitochondria, which provides...

  • MD Logic Health


    Estro-D-Tox uses a unique blend of Diindolylmethane, Sulforaphane, Calcium D-Glucarate, all typically found in cruciferous vegetables, plus an added antioxidant boost of C-3-G (Cyanidin-3-Glucoside).Estro-D-Tox uses a double approach to supporting...

  • MD Logic Health


    MD Logic BCAAs help to achieve better performance during exercise.* Supports exercise recovery for better results in maintaining muscle mass.* Provides the optimal ratio of branched chain amino acids in convenient capsules. 1,000 mg of...

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