Collagen - Mocha Flavor (Powder)


NEW Mocha Flavor | Mix with water, non-dairy milk or coffee.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I & III
  • Biotin
  • Keratin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sweetened with Monk Fruit - No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Vitamins A,C,D & E

What is Collagen?

MD Logic’s Collagen formula is a unique synergistic blend of ingredients to support skin health from the inside-out, as well as other health benefits. Collagen is a protein made up from amino acids, including proline, glycine, and arginine and it is so significant that it makes up approximately 25-35 percent of all the proteins combined and is found all over the body. Our formula utilizes Bovine collagen, a naturally occurring protein found in the hide and the musculoskeletal system of cows. This type of collagen is comparable to the type found in our bodies in the epidermis and various connective tissues. As the second most abundant compound in our body, next to water, it provides a beneficial dose of Types I and III collagen, essential for overall well-being. There are over 25 different types of collagen, which only a handful are significant, each having their own fundamental separate functions. Collagen Types I and III gives durability to skin, ligaments, and tendons and promotes skin strength, hydration and elasticity.

What is Collagen good for?

Your best defense against aging and dehydrated skin starts with what goes into your body, thus the importance of a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, some nutrients can be difficult to obtain from diet alone which is why we’ve added key nutrients that play an important role in Collagen and elastin production, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic acid, Keratin and Hyaluronic acid, with some of these also providing protection again free radical damage, a leading cause of visible aging. 

Likewise, collagen is an important element in supporting healthy nails and hair.  It’s also involved in maintaining healthy tendons and ligaments, thereby acting as a sort of “glue” that holds the joints together. Additionally, collagen can also be found in the bones, blood vessels, the digestive tract, the heart, the cornea, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the bladder, smooth muscle tissues and in cartilage, thus making Collagen a crucial compound to add to your everyday regimen, and especially as a pre and post-workout supplement for tissue repair and performance.

Who can benefit from collagen?

As we age, collagen synthesis begins to decline, even as early as the age of 20; causing thin, loose skin and wrinkles.  The older we get, the more beneficial collagen supplementation is for us. Everyone can benefit from a collagen supplement. 


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