Colon Formula


M.D. Logic’s Colon Cleanse is designed to support gastrointestinal health, including regularity and function. Gastrointestinal health plays a vital role in physiological homeostasis and overall well-being. Optimal cellular health, depends on how well your body breaks down, absorbs and excretes metabolic nourishment and toxic by-products. Gastrointestinal elimination assists with the removal of toxins and biochemical by-products that enter the body. They must be broken down and secreted by expelling the remaining offending components through a detoxification process. These harmful chemicals, if not excreted from the body, could have the opportunity to recirculate throughout the body, causing additional cellular degradation.*

The additional herbs added; Psyllium, Cascara sagrada and Prune support healthy elimination by providing the body a source of added Fiber to your diet.


The chosen form of Magnesium for gastrointestinal elimination, is Magnesium citrate. It is known for its ability to promote muscular relaxation and support fecal removal through the gastrointestinal system. Although, best suited for gastrointestinal health, magnesium citrate is highly bioavailable, while other sources of magnesium are also recognized as being bio-available but also easily absorbed by body. As a mineral, Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 metabolic pathways, thus supporting cell, tissue and organ function.*

Cape Aloe

Typically used to support short term removal of feces and toxins, Cape Aloe has been used for many years in South Africa. Research continues to evaluate its support in Gastrointestinal regularity and it’s tolerance by the body.

*These statements  have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Other Ingredients:

Colon Proprietary Blend

Providing Cape Aloe (Aloe ferox) (latex), Psyllium husk powder (Plantago ovata) (hulls), Cascara sagrada powder (Rhamnus purshiana) (bark), Prune powder (Prunus domestica) (fruit)

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